How Inflation impacts Insurance

Insurance premiums are calculated based on the potential payout vs the attributed risk. So when you review your policy, you will see that each type of coverage has its own associated premium. This provides transparency to the consumer and helps them understand better what coverages are more costly. When we talk about Auto Insurance, theContinue reading “How Inflation impacts Insurance”

How Michigan’s No fault reform changed the way Personal Injury Protection is covered.

Did you know that Drivers on an auto policy are not offered the same coverage as a Named insured? Read why this is a very important detail.

Water in your Basement? Flood vs. Water Back up

2021 has brought record rainfall to the Metro Detroit area. In fact, the five year period of 2016-2021 is the 2nd wettest period on record for the Metro Detroit Area since data collection began. With this there have been multiple flash flood warnings, in 2021 alone. Because the Metro Detroit area has a high percentageContinue reading “Water in your Basement? Flood vs. Water Back up”

Should I insure my Recreational Vehicles on their own policy or on my Homeowners ?

Some carriers will allow you to insure your Snowmobiles, ATV’s, Boats, Golf Carts, Etc. on your homeowners policy, as an endorsement. This can be very economical as your homeowners policy would provide the liability coverage at a much deeper discount. But be careful, cheaper is not always better. When insuring these types of vehicles, youContinue reading “Should I insure my Recreational Vehicles on their own policy or on my Homeowners ?”

Michigan Mini-Tort Law Explained

Because Michigan is a no-fault state, people are often confused as to why fault is assessed in the event of an accident. To the unlicensed individual this can be very confusing. First lets explain that there are two types of Auto Insurance laws in the U.S., No Fault and Tort states. In a no faultContinue reading “Michigan Mini-Tort Law Explained”


If you have a rental home or investment property, it is important to know the exclusions and limitation of your property policy. A majority of Landlords have a regular day job and own 5 or less rental properties, and manage the property themselves. My first question to these individuals is whether or not the homeContinue reading “LANDLORD vs VACANT HOME POLICIES”

Most Common Homeowners Claim in Michigan

The most common claim for a Homeowners policy in Michigan is for Wind and Hail damage, per the Buckley Law Firm, at just under 40% of all claims. So it is no surprise that Insurance companies want to do everything they can to mitigate their risk, related to Wind and Hail. Contractors often go intoContinue reading “Most Common Homeowners Claim in Michigan”