Customers First Insurance Group

Customers First Insurance Group was started in 2020 by Michael Vereecke in Mount Clemens, MI, and moved to Chesterfield, MI in 2021 as loosening COVID restrictions allowed business to begin opening back up to the public. After several years of working for the big box brand Insurance companies, Michael grew tired of losing good clients, due to ever fluctuating rates. These companies, often referred to as “Captive” carriers, are among some of the most widely known and respected carriers in the market. Often, because of their large advertising budgets and National commercials, not necessarily for their reputation of paying claims.

What often happens with these captive companies is that they often change their view of what a good client is, to no fault of the client. Because Michael is driven to help others, this was taxing to him. So he decided enough was enough and Customers First was born. Being an independent allows our team to keep clients by moving them from one carrier to another, to consistently help them find the best rates, while still offering the coverages they need and desire.

Michael Vereecke, CLCS

Our President, Michael Vereecke, has been working in the Insurance Industry since 2009. He has worked for many different Insurance Companies in that time. This experience gives him a unique insight into the Insurance Market and differences in coverage forms, as well as some of the best training programs available. He also carries a Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS) Designation, providing him the expertise to find holes in your Businesses current coverage.

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