Commercial Auto Insurance

Did you know that if you are using a Personal Auto for business use, the policy may be null and void? Also if you insure, your personally owned vehicle on a commercial auto policy without a lease agreement, you could also have coverage issues. Commercial Auto Insurance, also referred to as Business Auto insurance, is probably the most important coverage for some companies. It is meant to insure vehicles owned and used in the day to day operations of a business. There may also be coverage gaps for individuals that have all their vehicles covered under commercial policies, but none on a Personal Auto Policy. To avoid coverage gaps, it is beneficial to work with a knowledgeable agent for both your personal and commercial insurance needs.

When a company entrust and employee with one of their vehicles, they are taking a great risk. Our society is a litigious one, and when someone gets hit by a truck with your business name on it, you will want to be sure you have the right protection to keep your business from losing its assets. There are many moving parts to Commercial auto coverage and several ways to insure your companies risk within the Commercial Auto policy, including Drive Other Car, Hired Auto, Non-Owned, Auto, Additional Equipment Coverage, as well as the coverages typical of a personal auto policy

Some of the types of businesses we have experience assisting include

  • Trucking and Expediting operations
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Landscaper/Lawn Maintenance
  • Snow Plow Operations
  • Janitorial/Cleaning Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Outside Sales
  • Route Drivers
  • Towing/Emergency Services
  • Funeral services
  • Food Trucks
  • Hauling

We can assist with anything from Owner operators to Fleets. Don’t see your business in the list? These are just a few of the businesses we can assist. Contact us today to schedule one of our licensed agent to assist your business in shopping the market see if we can help your business.

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