Homeowners Insurance

Your Home is generally your biggest asset. At the same time, most will never make a claim on their homeowner’s policy, when you do make a claim the payout amount tends to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Because of this, don’t you think it is important to know exactly what is and is not covered? Unfortunately, not all Homeowner’s policies are created equal. Additionally, there are many different riders/endorsements that can be added to the base policy for a variety of claims to bolster your Homeowners Insurance. At Customers First Insurance Group, we have multiple insurance carriers to find you the level of coverage that aligns with your wants and needs.

Most individuals are also unaware that there are limitations to how much certain personal property items would be covered, some of the more common items limited are:




  • Jewelry
  • Cash on hand
  • Guns
  • Tools
  • Rugs/Furs
  • Silverware/China
  • Artwork

Read our blog post to learn about how not all carriers provide the same level of coverage.

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