Flood Insurance: A Necessity Beyond Flood Zones

When we think of floods, we often associate them with specific flood zones marked by authorities like FEMA. However, floods are unpredictable and can occur virtually anywhere. The misconception that flood insurance is only for those in designated flood zones can lead to devastating consequences. In this article, we will explore the significance of floodContinue reading “Flood Insurance: A Necessity Beyond Flood Zones”

How Inflation impacts Insurance

Insurance premiums are calculated based on the potential payout vs the attributed risk. So when you review your policy, you will see that each type of coverage has its own associated premium. This provides transparency to the consumer and helps them understand better what coverages are more costly. When we talk about Auto Insurance, theContinue reading “How Inflation impacts Insurance”

Most Common Homeowners Claim in Michigan

The most common claim for a Homeowners policy in Michigan is for Wind and Hail damage, per the Buckley Law Firm, at just under 40% of all claims. So it is no surprise that Insurance companies want to do everything they can to mitigate their risk, related to Wind and Hail. Contractors often go intoContinue reading “Most Common Homeowners Claim in Michigan”